Brad’s Story

No one knows Nashville like a Nashville native.  And if you want to get in on the rising wave of new home construction in a city named “The Fastest Growing Market for New Home Sales,” you want to partner with someone whose roots run deep.

Brad Graham, President, and CEO, of Graham Built Construction, was born and raised in Music City, educated at Father Ryan High School, and earned a Business and Finance degree from Middle Tennessee State University, the oldest and largest institution in the Tennessee Board of Regents system.  During the college years, Brad and his friends, found a way to earn extra money by building sun decks.  He now attributes those carefree days for laying the foundation of his desire to work on a wide variety of construction projects.

Serving as protégé under one of Nashville’s well-respected contractors, Brad learned the business from the ground up.  He built subdivisions, retirement communities, and had the distinct pleasure of working on several vintage remodeling projects, before turning his attention to the new creative challenge of spec and custom home construction.

Brad’s father raised his son by the wise maxim, “You do an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.”  Brad held tightly to that teaching as he built his business in 2007, despite a nationwide decline in housing.  His ability to stay the course, no matter the cost, put him in a perfect position to take on the challenges of a changing and upturned economy.  Brad is now one of the most sought after contractors in the Nashville area with clients bringing back plans for additional projects.

He humbly refers to himself as a “sticks and bricks” contractor; but with a work history that includes banking and finance, Brad understands the competitive nature of the Nashville market, and how important it is to build within your budget.  Brad is honest and loyal as well as active in all phases of the construction process, keeping his eyes on the plans, and his hands on the detail.

When not working on the next spec or custom designed house, Brad enjoys spending time with his wife, Ritchey, his daughter, Ali, and son, Vaughn.

Brad Graham

Graham Built Homes are a legacy for them, and a wise investment for you.