How We Work

Our Approach

For more than 15 years, Brad Graham and the GrahamBuilt team have specialized in custom home-building and high-end remodeling for clients all around the thriving Nashville area.

We’re thriving, too. Why? It’s because we like working with people — and people like working with us. Our team knows that the construction and remodeling process can be stressful for homeowners, and we aim to make it as easy and rewarding as possible. At the end of the day, we care about making clients happy in a home that reflects their personal style.

Here’s how we work:

Getting to know you

Brad and the rest of the GrahamBuilt team start each project with something simple: a conversation. We learn about you and your goals, budget and preferred timeline.

Creating a vision

Some homeowners know exactly what they want, down to the paint colors and drawer pulls. But many others don’t. We take the intimidation out of building and construction and walk you through options. 

Managing projects

We carefully coordinate a realistic project plan that tries to anticipate any hiccups or hurdles.

Constant communication

GrahamBuilt wants our clients to feel connected to their projects. We aim to provide updates how you want them, whether you want a quick weekly update or a daily digest of progress.

Master craftsmen

We tap our extensive network of the area’s most skilled tradespeople to realize your vision with the highest possible quality.

Delivering joy

We rely on client referrals to keep our business booming. So with each project, we focus on high-quality results — because you should love where you live!

Let’s talk

Reach out to GrahamBuilt for a free consultation or site analysis. We’d like to get to know you — and your project.